Popular Jewellery Styles That Should Dominate Australia In 2019

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Popular Jewellery Styles That Should Dominate Australia In 2019


With the changing year and changing season come new jewellery trends. And when the times change at a fast pace, it can become difficult to keep up with the latest styles. To help you adopt the trends which are expected to dominate the Australian markets in 2019, we have put together this list of the most popular jewellery styles we think you should not miss out on.

  1. Sea Shells


Majestic and delightful, sea shell jewellery trend takes us closer to nature. This trend has a special charm that fashion followers will not be able to resist this year. Get jewellery made of real sea shells or sea-shell inspired. Both of these are equally captivating and alluring. You can even make your DIY sea shell jewellery.

  1. Over-Sized Earrings

Single over-sized earrings are here again and you can easily win the trend by buying big and light. Follow asymmetry and wear a single over-sized earring down the chin or shoulder. Go for hollow plastic pieces, lightweight earrings or delicate chains to avoid stretching out your holes.

  1. Pearls of Wisdom

A jewellery trend staple, pearls were fashionable and will always be. Pearls are meant to connect with the vast and the wide and they welcome what we don’t yet know. Get long chains of tiny pearls to show your wisdom or choose big pearl collars. Whether you choose sporty or delicate, pearl jewellery is sure to set you apart from the crowd.

  1. Nature Inspired

Connect with the wild and outdoor through jewellery with nature-inspired styles which seem to be trending soon. Fashion jewellers are now crafting flower bracelets, animal necklaces, tree brooches, leaf earrings and nature lovers are ready to get into action. Every jewellery piece that represents nature describes something important about who we are and where we live. Live a little wild side this year.

  1. Fruity Madness

Fruit-styled jewellery is a great option to get a fun, sweet, refreshing look. Spring, fall, summer or winter, select the fruit of the season and get ready to look yummy. Fruit-styled jewellery gives a lot of bold color choices and classic patterns that go with any outfit. Fruit choices are fun as well. Set up a daring look with a whole fruit which says β€˜delicious’ or pick something which is fruit inspired to get a subtler look.

  1. Transparent Plastic

Trending in 2019 is plastic everything. Get a fun ensemble by mixing and matching clear plastic earrings with plastic necklaces. Or, go for transparent bangles and translucent pearls for a cheerful look. Transparent, white plastic look represents the winter snow and cool days. If you don’t like plastic, you can opt for clear quartz and opal jewellery that lets you follow the trend while keeping it classic.


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